Friday, September 01, 2006


I’ve been contemplating this for a while, probably since I read about Foster Solomon and Susan Sanford moving out of town. There are a number of theater folks who grew up in Richmond or started their professional theater careers here and then moved on to other places. I’ve either come across or dredged up the websites of a few of these folks. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it interesting to see what others from here are finding in bigger (and presumably better) towns. (It can’t be just me, because the T-D runs a “where they are now” type piece every once in a while. So maybe it’s just me and an editor at the T-D…)

Anyway, I’m checking with these folks to see if they mind me linking to them. As I get confirmation, I’ll post links in the “Expatriates” section over there on the left. Kicking off this new section is Eliza Skinner, little sister of Tony-nominee Emily Skinner and a very busy actress/singer/writer/improv comedian. I spent many delightful hours in the dark with Eliza – no it’s not what you think! We ran props together for a production of “Quilters” at Theater IV about a billion years ago. She was a hip and precociously funny and sarcastic teenager back then and, if I remember correctly, I was a newlywed. Her website is a hoot and has links to Eliza’s many other activities and involvements. Check it out!

More expats will be popping up as I can get their links up. And if there’s anyone else out there that you know of that you think would be a good link, please let me know.

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