Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The World on a String

Tuesday night Barksdale’s Cabaret series kicks off and finally true fans will have a chance to hear the unique stylings of Julie Fulcher on the drums as she performs some old standards in an intimate setting. For some reason, Barksdale has chosen to highlight the singer associated with this show (a chick named Debra – like she’s ever done anything in this town…). But me, I’m going for the drums.

Of course, if you have read my review of Ms. Wagoner’s CD (scroll to the bottom), you know that I kid because I love. Debra has always been a spectacular vocalist and a personal favorite of mine. The opportunity to hear just her sing for an evening is a supreme treat. And just for the record, Julie is no slouch on the drums either and a pretty darn good singer/actress herself.

There will be a blurb in Style on the Cabaret series but not until next Wednesday, unfortunately. In the meantime, I hope the piece in the T-D helps generate a significant audience for this show. Tell your friends!

Also, since I relish any opportunity I can find to praise my wife in a public forum, here’s an anecdote from ancient history: fourteen years ago (yikes!), Holly and I traveled to Australia on our delayed honeymoon. We did a scuba diving excursion there and, when it was over, a bunch of folks went to an Aussie nightclub that was having a karaoke contest. With a little encouragement of the alcoholic kind, Holly entered and sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Due mostly to the wildly enthusiastic response of our fellow scuba divers, she ended up winning second place, nearly beating out the local favorite. So, long before Katherine McPhee, Harold Arlen was helping beautiful brunettes come in second place in competitive singing events...


Anonymous said...

I saw Debra's show last night and although I may be bias because she is my dear friend...I am absolutely certain that everyone who saw the show last night walked away in awe of her talent. And I am most certain that everyone had a great time being entertained by Ms. Wagoner! The songs that she selected ran the gamut from romantic to upbeat and fun. Most were familiar to me, but Debra and Tony selected a few pieces that were not as well known, but wonderful! I also have to add that most people when given the task of entertaining people through a cabaret venue will get up on stage and sing well, but that is where it ends. Debra not only blew us away with her voice, but she completely entertained the crowd with jokes and little bits of info about each piece and Harold Arlen. Tony Williams and Julie Fulcher were also amazing on the piano and drums. They should go on the road! What a great show! Bravo!

Frank Creasy said...

My wife Carol and I just returned from this evening's performance and Debra was just fantastic. I'm mainly acquainted with her through Joe (we've done a few shows together), so this was a great opportunity to see her in action and she was absolutely sublime. I was also surprised to find that there were very few tunes I didn't recognize, and each one was a true gem. I REALLY encourage all my friends to go see Debra before this gig wraps, because it's a delight that defies adequate description. She's that good.