Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Beneficial "Wife"

Well, after much wrangling of schedules, it looks like the folks at the
Firehouse have been able to find a night for a special performance of "I Am
My Own Wife," mostly to accommodate other theater artists who can't make the
regularly scheduled shows. Mr. Wichmann will work his magic on Tuesday, Oct.
10th at 8pm (at the Firehouse, of course) and the proceeds from the
performance will benefit the RAPT Theatre Artists Fund. Tickets for RAPTers
will be $10. If you've been frustrated because you haven't been able to see
Scotty shine, here's your chance!

In other benefit news, I received confirmation a couple of days ago that the
Commonwealth Coalition benefit will indeed be happening on Sunday, October
15th at the Barksdale. Wine and refreshments will be available beginning at
6:30 p.m., followed by a 7:30 curtain time. According to Kimberly Jones
Clark: "The show will feature diverse talents from many facets of arts and
theater in the Richmond community."

The show will feature vignettes from various Richmond-area productions and
will provide an eclectic experience as these artists come together in
support of The Commonwealth Coalition. Just as a reminder: this is the
organization that is working to defeat the Marshall/Newman Amendment or
so-called "marriage amendment." Please plan to come, join in the fun and
support this effort.

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