Monday, September 25, 2006

More Media

Amy notes in a comment to Saturday’s post that someone from Brick took pictures at “Sordid Lives;” one can only hope this means there will be some theater coverage in the new weekly. I caught John Porter’s rave on “Sordid Lives” on the radio some time over the weekend. Does anyone know if there’s a schedule to when his reviews are played?

A brief aside appropo of nothing: Part of Mr. Porter’s commentary mentioned last season’s “Southern Baptist Sissies” at RTP. I happened to speak to him a few days after he saw that show and he had many positive things to say about it. Earlier that same day, I spoke to someone else whose opinion I also respect who said the production was “on the level of bad community theater.” Having not seen the show, I didn’t know how to respond to either of them. As much as I love to have an opinion about things, sometimes I’m kind of forced not to.

I have to give a (reluctant) nod to the T-D for all of its theater coverage on Sunday, with a front-pager on Scott/”IAMOW”, an announcement (a bit late perhaps) of the Richmond Shakespeare indoor season/name change, and even a little piece on Debra’s Cabaret show at the Barksdale. Maybe they ARE trying?

Ms. Haubenstock’s review of “The Constant Wife” was apparently somewhere in the Sunday paper, but I had more luck finding it online than in print. It is an intriguing review: it’s certainly positive but it stops short of a rave. It also has at least one interesting turn of phrase: “larded with witticisms.” Never heard that one before.

And finally, a minor vent: one of the frustrations of writing for a weekly is having a review wrapped up a full 10 days before it gets into print. By the time my review of “IAMOW” shows up on Wednesday, just about everyone (except Brick) will have weighed in on Scott’s performance, making me old news. Oh, the sad life of theater reviewer…


Anonymous said...

Maybe I am confused or don't know where to look, but it appears that (at least online), Style hasn't reviewed IAMYO or Sordid Lives this week.

Dave T said...

Sordid Lives won't be reviewed (sorry). The review of "I Am My Own Wife" is in the magazine today but didn't make it online for some reason. I've included the review in my post for Sept. 27. FYI!