Wednesday, September 13, 2006


First off, my review of "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" showed up in this week's Style. It's only a few hundred words but I hope it conveys my enjoyment of the show, which was considerable.

Second off, even though I thought I had scanned everywhere I could scan to find the review of "The Mousetrap" in Sunday's paper (and Saturday's and Monday's), it showed up when I searched the website, I think in the "Area/State" section. Great example of how well the T-D is covering the arts. I had to read between the lines here a little bit, but I don't think Ms. Haubenstock particularly appreciated the production. What do you think?

And third off, I appreciate Joe Pabst's post with a brief recap of the T-D roundtable meeting. I wish I could have been there (girls had a field hockey game). It sounds like it was a bit frustrating. Though they invited the input, they seemed a bit defensive about getting it. I find the comment about a Visual Arts critic to be absolutely confounding. If people don't want to read about it, why have they invited Roy Proctor back at least twice in the past month to write above-the-fold stories about visual art??? Richmond is a nationally recognized visual art center, what with the VMA and VCU's various programs. It's a big part of what's happening here -- isn't that what they are supposed to be reporting on, what's happening?

The comment on selling papers points to the heart of their coverage. If they perceive it doesn't "sell," they aren't going to cover it. Of course, the reality of the burgeoning theater scene here doesn't register on that radar and so I guess they won't be covering that. Duh!

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