Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More linkability

I have been meaning to add Sycamore Rouge to the “Producers” list for quite some time. Maybe I’ve been avoiding it since reading about the burlesque show they’ve been doing. There’s just something unseemly about a middle-aged guy being TOO interested in burlesque. But they are doing some interesting things down there in Petersburg and I’m looking forward to checking out a show down there soon. I’ll definitely be there for “Lee’s Miserables” if not something sooner.

I’ve also added the first student link to the “Show People” section. It’d be great if it ends up being the first of many. The young and talented Caroline Sumner is a student at VCU focusing on acting and whom you may have seen in “Follies” this past summer at Dogwood Dell. She also has an exciting project in progress that I hope to be able to report more on early next year. Tune into her blog for tidbits of college life. Could make you envious…or could make you thankful you left college behind however many years ago…

Also, on the recommendation of Jackie J., I am adding Blair Underwood to "Expat" section. I haven't checked with him first so I hope he doesn't mind. This is one of the slickest websites I've ever seen. Mr. Underwood's clips reel is incredibly well-produced with a dramatic development all its own, dramatic parts, action parts, and parts where he takes his shirt off. One thing that you won't read about on the site is that he's signed on for a story arc on the TV show, "The New Adventures of Old Christine." Sure seems like Blair is doing Virginia proud.

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