Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Full Plate indeed

I have to apologize to those who come to this space expecting to see more up-to-date information and even the occasional cogent thought regarding theater. Beyond my own personal dramas and joys, there have been the bigger picture stories that have distracted me. I’ve been delighted by the support garnered by the “Pennies in Protest” group in response to a planned Richmond visit by a national hate group. Some good friends of mine are behind this effort and I am so proud to know them. It’s efforts like these that stem the tide of “the world’s going to hell” sentiment that wells up inside me sometimes.

The Chilean disaster has been difficult to read about, particularly on the heals of Haiti. But it is heartening to hear about a Latin American country that does have a highly functioning government and a solid infrastructure. My thoughts go out to those who have suffered losses there and I hope the country is able to recover relatively quickly. One somewhat surprising side-effect of the quake there is that it shortened the length of our days! This is not welcome news for anyone already feeling over-scheduled, as I am.

The women behind “Full Plate Collection” got some good coverage this past weekend as part of the Minds Wide Open festival and HATTheatre got some love from John Porter, with his review of “Awaken the Spirit.” I’m trying now to schedule a chance to see Firehouse’s “Crumble,” a review of which was in the T-D recently.

I’m wondering whether my “Gleek”-ness has reached a level that I’d consider a trip to New York to catch the “Glee” tour. I think it’s funny that a musical has been written for Lea Michelle without even including her in the planning.

We’re lucky here in Richmond to have a talented belter who give Ms. Michele a run for her money. Check out Mackenzie Mercer on YouTube doing “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” if you don’t believe me. She’s in “Cinderella” at CYT these days – not something to miss!

Hope you enjoy your (shorter) day!