Friday, September 08, 2006

Back to the Past

Blogging has so many great elements to it, among them the opportunity to “converse” with people about a wide variety of things without having to actually be face-to-face. But a downside is that someone may chime in on a “conversation” that took place a while back and, unless everyone is regularly cycling back to check old entries, no one else may be aware of that person’s contribution.

To rectify that at least a little, I draw your attention to a recent comment by Amy Berlin on a production that took place at Chamberlayne Actors Theatre a couple of months ago. I’m so glad you took the time to comment, Amy, and I hope you will do so again in the future. I had no idea what all went in to “Epic Proportions” and had nothing to judge the production by except the T-D review. I really appreciate that you put a dissenting opinion out there and I encourage anyone else to do the same about a review of any current or past production, whether it’s a T-D review or even one of mine. Though I don’t think I’ve gone as acerbic as Ms. Haubenstock went in that review in a long time. But who knows…I hear that “Aida” is actually pretty bad so maybe I’ll have a chance to sharpen my poison pen when that show comes to town…

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AmyBerlin said...

I guess I should have mentioned that I directed the show. Hmmmm. Could be the reason for the "dissenting" opinion, eh?

I'm really enjoying the blog!