Monday, September 04, 2006

Expat #2

Chris Harcum left Richmond many years ago, but I still remember his awesome one-man show, "Some Kind of Pink Breakfast." I saw it in the performance space above what used to be the Main Street Grill. It was one of those transformative moments in theater for me because it was the first time I saw how one person performing on a somewhat ramshackle stage using little more than their voice, face and body could produce something magical. His "Breakfast" still ranks up there with Scott Wichmann's "Jails, Hospitals, and Hip-Hop" and Jill Bari Steinberg's "The Syringa Tree" as the best one-person shows I've ever seen.

Chris has received some great notices on "Breakfast" since and just performed it at the NYC Fringe Festival. Please send hopes for continued good luck to Chris from Richmond!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment but the difference here is Chris actually wrote his one person show. Very impressive!!!

Dave T said...

Ah, yes Chris did show a nice talent for writing as well as acting with "Breakfast." But don't be all modest, Ms. JB. There's all sorts of ways to judge a show. I may be wrong but I don't think "Breakfast" had more than two dozen characters in it, like "Syringa" did. And "J,H,&H-H" only had eight I think, but each was such an amazing construction. Also, each show had at least one scene that was a totally dazzling display of acting chops, like "Syringa"'s birth scene for instance. That's why those shows are my top three -- all different and all amazing for different reasons.

Anonymous said...