Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bonus #2 (Turns out not to be...)

Update (09/07/06): What a difference a day makes...I went out and actually picked up a Style and saw that all four theater bits were actually published. They just didn't all make it to the Style website for some reason. Oops -- call me stupid. Just goes to show you should never trust the Internet...that is, except for MY site...except, of course, when I make a mistake...
If you check out Style Weekly this week (and I heartily suggest you do!), you’ll see that the Fall Arts cover story has three little bits about upcoming theater this fall, written by yours truly.

What you wouldn’t know -- unless you read this blog! -- is that there was actually supposed to be 4 items on theater. The fourth was a blurb that I presume was pulled because of space but also probably skirts just on the edge of propriety. Here it is for your enjoyment:

“Night of the Undead!

An unlikely cultural icon, he disappeared into New York’s East River under mysterious circumstances. Now, two years later – he lives! Just when you thought the world was safe from the bizarre, slice-of-life monologues of Spalding Gray, he emerges to ramble on. In “Leftover Stories to Tell,” a one-night tribute at the Firehouse Theatre (Oct. 1), the suicidal actor/storyteller is reanimated with the blood of celebrity guest performers. Funny, poignant, ribald – these leftovers are guaranteed to haunt you long after you leave the theater.”

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