Saturday, September 30, 2006

Viva la Brick

Having been alerted to something significant in this week's issue, I picked up a Brick today (no grunting required) and was delighted at the interview with Shon Stacey, director of "Sordid Lives," and the inclusion of Judi Crenshaw's letter. Clearly, "thick as a Brick" does not equate to "deaf as a post" -- the new weekly has heard the call and will apparently be covering both the visual and performance arts. I hadn't heard of Stefanie Fontanez before but I love both her mellifluous name and her breezy reporting style. As well as the insinuation that she had been to Fielden's when it wasn't so quiet...! Kudos to Pete and Brick; I look forward to more.

Oh, also, great piece on Michael Herring, Commonwealth's Attorney, who is a neighbor of mine and a friend of a friend. Theater coverage as well as compelling local reportage?!?! Now you're scaring me, Brick!

I went to see "The Constant Wife" last night and will be posting more extensively on that experience as soon as I finish the review which won't be tonight because the kids are asleep and the wife and I have a date with Season 5 of "Six Feet Under." (One of the great things about blogging is no finicky editor cuts your ridiculously long run-on sentences...) But I ran into Jodi Strickler there who is one of the nicest people on the face of the earth and who is stage managing the show. I think of Jodi whenever I refer to my brood of kids as "chillren" ('Quilters' joke, sorry). Whenever I hear 'show-biz' people dismissed as crazy or egotistical or backstabbing or whatever, I think about all the people I know like Jodi who are just, like, normal and friendly and personable. Frankly, I've met more people in the computer biz who were whack-jobs than in the theater biz. And they couldn't carry a tune, either.

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