Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Reviews, Resources, Reading

OK, I promise that all my posts are not going to be so alliterative.

First, my review of “I Am My Own Wife” will be in Style next Wednesday. Guess they couldn’t squeeze it in by the deadline this week. Sorry about that. Rest assured, I liked it a lot and have already started urging friends, relatives and strangers on the street to go see it. Scott W. has the Times-Dispatch review on his website.

Here’s a mini-review: I thought last night’s premiere episode of Aaron Sorkin’s new TV show, “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip,” was pretty excellent. What’s that got to do with theater? Part of what’s cool about the show is the view into what happens backstage. I think people are always fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes (part of the appeal of the movie “Prairie Home Companion” over the summer); I know I am. I don’t know if the show will remain interesting over the long-haul but the premiere was pretty compelling. There's already a blog about it if you are interested.

I’ve added links in the “All in this together” section to the Virginia Actor’s Forum and to the Richmond VA Theater websites. I’m particularly fond of the RVA Theater's calendar. It’s not all the way complete (Triangle Players?) but I love seeing the shows laid out on a calendar. Well done!

Also, if you want some interesting reading, it’s worth checking out Broadway.com once in a while. I liked the recap of the British reality show that culminated in the selection of a new Maria for London production of "The Sound of Music" as well as the interview with Eric Bogosian. The production of his “subUrbia” (directed by Rick St. Peter) was one of the most bracing and intriguing shows I’ve seen in Richmond.

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