Friday, June 02, 2006

Epic Proportions

This is the current show at Chamberlayne Actors Theatre. I won't be seeing this show and it's not because I hate all CAT shows (which is untrue but seems to be the impression the folks at CAT have based on comments I've overheard there). The truth is I used to love going to CAT shows because the theater is right up the street from my old house and I could get there in about 10 minutes. I also have loved Kristen Swanson is most everything I've seen her in and a few people told me that CAT's production of "Greetings!" that they put up in the winter was actually excellent.

But unfortunately, the beginning of June is relatively jam-packed with openings and I can only go to a couple of them. So please, someone out there tell me whether this production is worth seeing or not. If it is, maybe come next Fall I'll be able to make a more concerted effort to prowl on over to northside for a CAT show.

Addendum (06/03): Well, this morning Susan over at the Times-Dispatch called EP "miserable" and a "mess." This is the most ascerbic pan from Ms. Haubenstock that I think I can remember reading. Anyone have any dissenting opinions?

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AmyBerlin said...

Hey, don't know if you'll ever see this comment, since I just found your blog months after this post, but . . . . there is a DVD, if you're interested (legal disclaimer: for educational purposes only, of course). The most unfortunate part of the RTD review was that it scared people away. It's a shame, because the audiences who braved the show were really responsive, awarding it Best Director, Best Actress (Kristen), Best Supporting Actress, Best Light Design, Best Sound Design, and Best Costume Design at CAT's annual "Tabby" awards. The show featured an original score, several complicated fight scenes, actors playing up to 9 parts each, and loads of hand crafted props, most of which were not mentioned in the RTD review (although considering she hated the show so much, maybe that's a blessing!).