Friday, October 16, 2009

What a weekend

Style recently posted a couple of additional reviews, worth checking out because I don’t think they’re making it into the print edition. Mary Burruss holds forth on “The New Century” and I give a capsule recap of “The Ugly Duckling.”

As if there isn’t enough to see and do this weekend, Sycamore Rouge opened their world premiere production of “40 Acres and a POW” last night, reportedly devoting a moment to the memory of Jack Parrish during intermission. They are some classy and thoughtful people down there at the Rouge.

Things are hurtling full speed ahead toward Sunday’s RTCC awards. One thing to ponder: “Ugly Duckling,” which closes this weekend, features perhaps the most celebrated cast in terms of RTCC awards. The entire cast and the director are all RTCC nominees, one way or another. Director Jan Guarino is up for an acting award, but still, that’s just further testament to her versatility. Eric Pastore, Aly Wepplo, and Durron Tyre are all members of Best Ensemble nominees and Gordon Bass and Ali Thidodeau are each nominated individually. That’s some serious talent doing their best for the kids!

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j said...

The Thursday evening performance of Richmond Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing was dedicated to Jack, too. Grant Mudge made a heartfelt curtain speech and the Center Stage Marquee Lights were dimmed for Jack at 8:30 PM.