Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend news

Ms. Haubenstock's review of CAT's "I'm Not Rappaport" was in Sunday's paper. My lovely wife and I managed to squeak in a viewing of "Boleros for the Disenchanted," though on separate nights. Divide and conquer, indeed. More thoughts on that in a day or two.

It was closing weekend for several shows and we've entered sort of a mini-lull before the next barrage of shows that open right before Thanksgiving. Of course, these days, even a lull time is hardly empty, with Henley Street presenting "Bootleg Shakespeare" on Oct. 30th (in association with the Barksdale) and the provocative "This is How it Goes" opening at Firehouse on Thursday. It's also an opportunity to catch shows you might have missed at the Mill, Hanover Tavern, Sycamore Rouge or CAT.

After this weekend (according to my schedule), there are two weekends free of openings, not counting "Avenue Q'"s quick run in town. I'm thinking ahead and planning my holiday shopping for those weekends 'cause I know things'll be crazy busy after that!

I'm also mulling over Mr. Miller's "new ideas" post at the Barksdale Blog and will probably not be able to refrain from saying something about that soon. A post that ends with a plea for people to buy tickets is not one that can be easily overlooked, IMHO.

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Andrew Hamm said...

Same goes for a post that starts by saying there are too many theatres in town. Thought-provoking.