Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A scrubbing?

As I did my morning survey of local media, I skimmed the Barksdale Buzz and did a double-take. I couldn’t find any content on the site having to do with the RTCC awards or recent statements about the state of Richmond theater or anything (it seems to me) that could be considered somewhat controversial. I don’t want to assume too much based on one morning’s perusal, but I’m wondering whether the Buzz has been scrubbed and why.

In terms of content that IS there: Style has Mary Burruss’s preview on “Bootleg Shakespeare” in this week’s issue. I hear they’re expecting a sell-out so buy a ticket soon if you want to check out what is sure to be an entertaining experiment. (Correction: Bootleg is free (thanks Anon) and no reservations. So I guess you should get there early!)

UPDATE: I had meant to mention this originally (the addled mind wanders...) but the Firehouse has a new blog going and seems to be adding content regularly (so far). The blazing red color is a little daunting but it's still definitely worth checking out, particularly in anticipation of "This is How it Goes" opening tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The Bootleg Shakespeare is FREE!
No purchase necessary.
Hooray for free theatre!

Anonymous said...


Andrew Hamm said...

Hooray for free theatre!

Probably for the best that the Buzz was edited. That was some extremely strong coffee, and much easier to misunderstand than understand.

Bruce Miller said...

Yes. The Barksdale Buzz has been scrubbed. I did it myself. Andrew Hamm's evaluation is spot on. Carol Piersol and her colleagues are smart to structure the new Firehouse blog as they do. I'll be following their lead.

philcrosby said...

Bruce --

That's a shame. I loved your blog and always felt it was just honest opinion. You always spoke what you felt and I felt I learned much.

Maybe I should just take you to lunch regularly.