Friday, October 16, 2009

A request for help

I received a note from Bill Blair who is coordinating communication and support for Jack Parrish's widow, Kathy. With Jack's passing, she is suddenly faced with many expenses, specifically related to his funeral. Bill has been working with people at Barkdsale and the Virginia Museum to raise money to help her out. Here is the key information from his note:

"Those I haven't been able to reach are the local theatre folk and was hoping you could blog something asking those who can to send checks (and made out to) Christopher Dunn, 3014 Floyd Ave, Richmond, VA 23221. The sooner the better as I do not know what those funeral expenses will be but do know that Kathy does not have the money to pay them."

It's a horrible thing to be faced with such a great loss and then have to worry about finances at the same time. Please help if you can. Thanks.


Greig Leach said...

I can't do much, hard times in the arts, but I will send what I can today.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this what the theatre fund is for? Wonder how someone can access that? I think the people who are the main contacts for that are Bruce and Phil.

Joy W. said...

Might this be something the actor's fund could help with?