Tuesday, October 13, 2009

John Porter

Please join me in sending thoughts and prayers out in support of John Porter -- performer, stand-up comic, and theater critic for WCVE Public Radio -- who apparently had a heart attack last night. My understanding is that he is okay but still in the hospital's Critical Care Unit (not sure what hospital). I'll provide more details as I get them.

Here's hoping for a continued stable and quick recovery for John, and thanks in advance for your support.


Andrew Hamm said...

Heard about this this morning. John, you are in my prayers.

g.chester said...

You ARE the Mega Mighty Man. I have already prayed for a quick and hearty recovery and will continue on that mission. May you come out of this smiling a broader smile than that wonderful one I always have when I think of you. Love and Laugh, my Brother.

Garet "Reverend Giggles" Chester

Slash Coleman said...

<3 to you my brother.

Bill Brock said...

Huge thoughts and prayers for you, John. I was simply stunned when I heard the news. Take very good care of yourself and know that the love and support of the Richmond acting community is in your corner during this trying time. Get well soon, my friend.

All Good Things,