Saturday, October 03, 2009

A beautiful night, a wonderful man

Both the companies of Henley Street's "Shining City" and Richmond Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" dedicated their performances tonight to the memory of Jay McCullough. The rest of the Barksdale's "Souvenir" run will also be done in his honor. I received a couple messages, even a phone call, asking me to post something about his passing. I didn't know Jay well, but I know he was well-loved in the community. And I will remember his many great performances, the last one I saw being his turn as Senator Fipp in the Mill's exceptional "Urinetown."

Many wonderful and appropriate quotes have been circulating on Facebook. Bruce Miller's retelling of Jackie Jones's story is a fitting and touching tribute. Even the weather seemed to note Jay's passing, providing a clear night sporting a gorgeous moon and a light, cool breeze; the kind of evening that makes you cherish the brief moments we are all given on earth. All I would add is that my thoughts and prayers go out to Don and all of Jay's close friends who will miss him terribly.


Anonymous said...

Richmond Triangle Players will be dedicating its run of "Scrooge in Rouge" to the memory of Jay. Jay really loved Christmas as everyone who knew Jay can attest. He will be laughing with Kirk, Lauren and Steve on this one from on high.

Anonymous said...

Jay was a great talent, and most importantly a great guy. Light-hearted and loving, witty and kind.