Thursday, October 15, 2009

JP, JP and a load of links

I dropped by to see John Porter in the hospital yesterday. He was in very good spirits and holding up well against a steady stream of visitors. He was still in the Coronary Care Unit at Chippenham when I saw him but the word is that he’s been moved to a step-down room. He also may be going home today. If he is (and especially if he’s reading this), I hope he takes it easy and doesn’t push himself too hard too soon. Rest and recover, my friend.

I also heard some potentially disturbing news about Jack Parrish. If anyone has any details about him and how he’s doing, I’d appreciate a quick note. Thanks.

I wish I could write something nice and rambly but got lotsa work to do. So below is a bunch of links to recent stuff. Not included: a link to my review of “The Ugly Duckling.” It’s supposed to show up on the web soon but won’t make it to print, unfortunately.

I stopped by Style’s Top 40 Under 40 bash yesterday long enough to see possibly the world’s cutest couple – Chase Kniffen and Ali Thibodeau – all decked out for the event. Tracy Coogle from Theatre IV was also there and looking fine; congrats to both Tracy and Chase.

Couldn’t make Richmond Magazine’s Pollak prizes gala but my congratulations also go out to Ginnie Willard, Mike Gooding and Jennie and Larry Brown. ‘Tis the season to pat deserving people on the back. Come to the RTCC awards and see more of it!

Mary Burruss on "Much Ado about Nothing"

Mary Burruss on "Shining City"

RTCC awards, preview

Tracy Coogle in Top 40 Under 40

Chase Kniffen in Top 40 Under 40

Larry and Jennie Brown in Pollak Prizes

Michael Gooding in Pollak Prizes

Ginnie Willard in Pollak Prizes

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