Saturday, October 31, 2009

40 Acres review

Mary Burruss's review of Sycamore Rouge's "40 Acres and a P.O.W" hit the interwebs today (actually yesterday...when did it get to be 1 am?). Read all about it (it's not exactly a rave...)

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Anonymous said...

Sheesh. Mary Burruss doesn't have to like everything she sees, but flat-out insulting a show that, yes, has its flaws but which are largely the fault of the script and NOT the actors (who did a fine job with what they were given)? That's just rude. She needs to be a bit more diplomatic sometimes. Like I said, it's not required that she gives happy fluffy reviews to everything, but she crosses the line from "critical" to "ugly" a little too often. It is possible to give a negative review without making yourself sound like a jerk. I'm sure she's a nice person in real life, but one would never know it from most of her reviews, which seem to make her sound like a generally unhappy person.