Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catching up

Never had a chance to link to the T-D review of Sycamore Rouge’s latest, “40 Acres and a P.O.W.” Sorry for the delay.

Sunday’s paper also had a profile of Aaron Anderson, who was gracious enough to present our special recognitions at the RTCC awards on Sunday. He seems like a pretty amazing guy and was certainly delightful to work with on Sunday.

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j said...

Essie Simms was transferred back to Westminster Canterbury Wednesday (10/21/09). She continues to progress and is in good hands there.

Several folks have inquired about visiting. Although Essie would love visitors, we must hold off for now. Julie Fulcher will let us know when the coast is clear and also keep us abreast of Essie's progress.

In the meantime, cards would boost Essie's spirits. Her address is:

Essie Simms
c/o Westminster-Canterbury
Health Care Services - Room 9252
1600 Westbrook Avenue
Richmond, VA 23237


P.S. The word verification for this post is hollero ... just consider this a holler-o, a Holler Out for Essie. Yuk-yuk.