Friday, October 09, 2009


John Porter posted his review of “Shining City” a couple of days ago. I hear there’s a review from Joan Tupponce out there somewhere as well, but I can’t find it in electronic format. I’ll link to it when I do. Based on what I’m hearing (at least at lunch today… with two other critics…), this is not a show to miss.

I won’t be able to this weekend because I’ll be wandering out west for a production of “Gypsy” at Live Arts in Charlottesville. I’ve never seen a show there before and the stars converged to make this the perfect opportunity to do so. A more embarrassing confession: I’ve never seen a professional production of “Gypsy” before. I’ve seen at least one school production. And I’ve heard (many times) my wife sing a few of the songs with her best friend from high school. They harmonize somewhat astonishingly so this production is going to have a high bar to climb over to impress me.


eraserhead said...

Saw the show last night--fantastic performances all around, great set, great lighting, great music. I though Henley had reached the heights with "True West," but they raised it up another notch with this show.

Hope all the theatre community involved in other productions know about the special show on Tuesday night, the 20th. $10!

Anonymous said...

Henley is kicking ass.
Nice work y'all.

rotca said...

Re:" Much Ado About Nothing" at Center Stage's Gottwald Theatre.