Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's up.

Hey you guys! Good times last night at Penny Lane Pub for the post Rickie II champagne reception. Grant Mudge was beaming with pride over the cast and production- it could have been a toothpaste commercial with all the smiling going on in there. But of course the happiest person of all in the room was Scott Wickman(sp?) who was glowing over the Red Sox win yesterday ( we have that Red Sox love in common, me and Scott you know, its a Boston thing). There were the usual toasts to the director and cast but a special toast went out to Cynde Liffick, RS Ed Director to her belated birthday (day before yesterday). Happy Birthday, Cynde!

During my travels about town today I stopped in at the Firehouse and chatted with Firehouse TD Tadd and got a peak at Ed Slipeck's set for "Spinning Into Butter" and let me tell you it is wonderful so far! One of the best sets -strike that- The Best set I've ever seen at Firehouse and it isn't even painted yet. Let's hope this is the beginning of a constant scenic upgrade for them which will enhance all those wonderful performances and make attending Firehouse productions that much more enjoyable. Nice work so far guys! But alas, I do not get to review "Spinning" as Dave "I get first pick" Timberline gets to. But I promise to come see it.

Tried to get a review of Theatre IV's "Stuart Little" out of my seven year old daughter who saw it with my mom this afternoon but no luck. All she said was that she didn't recognize anyone in the cast. So that must mean that Corey Davis is such a great actress that Elinor didn't recognize her from the "Austin's Bridge" cast.

Thoughts on Richard II later....

Mary B.


Dave T said...

Sorry about last night (or should I say this morning), beantowners! I stayed up until past midnight cheering on my beloved Tribe but passed out before the 11th inning eruption. After that opening game, I was afraid the Indians would get pummelled right out of the series. But after last night, it looks like it might actually be a contest. Don't hate me because I'm from Cleveland -- we've suffered just as much as you Bostonites.

On the "first pick" thing: well, my advanced age should count for something! And come to think of it, I didn't even get a shot at R2 so I think it's more of alternating thing...

Looking forward to your thoughts on R2. Ms. Haubenstock seems to have been quite enamored by it!

Frank Creasy said...

I'll pass on congrats on Richard II, since Susan H. gave it a glowing review in the T-D (Grant and company, I'll be there to see it ASAP now that "Thoreau" has wrapped!) Not surprisingly, it sounds as if Richmond Shakespeare has come up with another stellar production.

Also, Mary, I did manage to sneak a peek at the "Spinning Into Butter" set under construction last week, and I agree it's going to be a beautiful set for the Firehouse. Kudos to Mr. Slipek for good use of the space! Looking forward to that production too...good thing about wrapping up a show is getting the chance to see OTHER shows!

Scott Wichmann said...

Dave, when Trot hit that single in the 11th to give the tribe the go-ahead run, I was like a guy in a mafia movie who's being killed by his best friend. I was like, "I'm glad they sent you to do it, Trot... I'm glad it was you." Great ballgame, we'll get the wahoos on Monday!!

Glad you had a great time, Mary!! Great to catch up with you!!

Anonymous said...

Saw Richard II on Sat. It was excellent!

Andrew Hamm said...

Thanks, anonymous!

It was great to get home from Richard II last night in time for the last two innings of game 5. If Beckett isn't the best clutch pitcher in baseball, I don't know who is. Very jazzed about wearing the Schilling shirt Scott gave me on Saturday.