Friday, October 26, 2007


Happy Friday everyone!
Last night was a big night.
Big Congratulations to Firehouse theater and company for the opening night of "Spinning Into Butter". Dave, I look forward to your review. I do not get to see it before the last performance on the 17th- bummer. I will be reviewing "Lessons Before Dying" which should be an uplifting way to spend a Friday evening- just kidding- I am looking forward to this show as well and promise to share. Getting back to last night...Tech lost and I am sad. BC is BU's rival school and I got my Masters at Tech so I was rooting hard for the Hoakies. But my darling Sox won which I watched partly from my perch at Emilio's following the ART CHEERLEADERS' big debut performance at the VMFA College Night. It was great watching the games though(with the exception of the smoke). I had the Hoakies on TV on the left and the mighty Boston RedSox(who won AGAIN!!!!!) on the right while enjoying the sounds of the band. It was really fun to be performing again (AC's debut) after such a long time and feeling that rush of nerves then euphoria. Live performance is like a drug in that respect- at least for me.

Have good shows tonight everyone!



Frank Creasy said...

I'll echo congratulations to Morrie, Katie and the entire "Spinning" cast for an absolutely stellar production, extremely well directed and well performed by a terrific ensemble cast. Everything clicked on opening night, and the first-rate script was done justice by this top notch production.

It's funny and thought provoking and completely engaging. Make your reservations folks, the buzz on this will spread fast and people will not want to miss out on this one!

Thespis' Little Helper said...

Congrats, Mary on the ART Cheerleaders debut! 'Wish I could have been there!

Le Synge Bleu said...

aaaahhhh! sports talk! i'm just a simple actor and your complex sports fan ways confuse and frighten me! i never knew what a sports-fan kind of a town richmond was until i moved back - i feel like everyone asks my partner and i what teams we like an average of every 6.9756 seconds. the answer is usually drooling and a vacant stare. i almost missed the part about the art cheerleaders, i was so lost trying to figure out what sport you were even talking about. i think i decided on croquet, yes?

i think live performance feels like (on the good days, at least) your head opens up and lightning strikes inside coursing through every particle of your body...pretty damn magical and orgasmic. i'm hoping birth is the same, i hear it can be.

blogva said...

Dear Le Synge,
I have had two children and both birthing experiences were wonderful. Acting and know how to breath and relax helped tremendously. As far as relating birth to live performance - well for me it was not at all alike.
Good luck.