Friday, October 19, 2007

Theater is priceless

With the last two posts groaning under the weight of their succeeding comments, I figured it was time to put something – anything – else out. I want to circle back on some of the comments – particularly ones like Amy’s that ask pertinent questions back at me – but that’ll have to wait until I have more than 5 minutes to sit and write. In the meantime, here’s a quote I ran across yesterday. I’m always finding references to theater where I least expect it (last week’s Bionic Woman episode, for instance). This one is from this week’s Newsweek:

“These captains have known nothing but war and nonstop deployments. No amount of money can compensate me for missing my daughter’s first play.”

-- Brig. Gen. Mark O’Neill, on a new Army program offering bonuses of up to $35,000 to retain young officers in intelligence, aviation and other specialties. They usually make about $4,000 a month.


Andrew Hamm said...

I'm listening to Joe Torre's farewell press conference on the radio, and he just read a text message from his nephew, described as a "struggling actor." It read:

Uncle Joe,

You may feel a desire to thank me for being such an inspiration to you. But it’s not necessary.

Ah, the humor of theatre artists. Self-deprecation at its finest.

d.l. said...

Doh! I completely missed the "comments/blaze" war. I'm still catching up on this past posts.