Friday, October 05, 2007

Hello There Richmond Theater Fans!!!

Hello There Richmond Theater Fans!

I am extremely excited to join Dave and this theater blog project. Theater in Richmond has a lot of potential but I am sure most of you will agree that theater on the whole is currently the poor stepchild of the local arts community. My mission is to build theater back up and ultimately to surpass its past glory and help theater resume its rightful place at the head of the arts pack. How to accomplish this? Well we simply have Deborah Wagoner wave her Glenda wand and poof..... No really- I cannot change the world but can only do what I can do:
1. Through the graces of that Texas dreamboat, Brandon Reynolds, the Arts and Culture Editor of STYLE weekly I promise to do my best and constructively review all plays that I am allowed with the intention of encouraging us all to raise the bar with each production. (Please know this is not easy to do in 300 words but I try)
2. Encourage as many theater related articles as possible for STYLE which I consider the "go to" place for arts information in Richmond.
3. Start a local theater club to help facilitate people making time to go to see local and regional theater. This theater club will also go to DC and maybe NYC to see stuff in order to get a little perspective on the theater world beyond the tri-cities. I am open to discussion about the best way to organize this club, get members, and how to choose plays to see.
4. Come play with my theater critic Idol, Dave, and create some more buzz about Richmond Theater.

So now you know a little about me and my hopes and dreams, if you like you can come meet me in person. Please come out to First Fridays tonight and visit me and some of the Art Cheerleaders at our bake sale in front of Gallery 5. We are having a bake sale to raise money to pay for our uniforms.

If you want to go to a show- my fellow Art Cheerleader, Billy Christopher Maupin is performing in "Mr. Marmelade" which I caught last Sunday. It is great! The script is hilarious - it is like a study in Freud and play therapy. I took my psychologist mom and she is still pondering it a week later. So you can go see "Mr. Marmelade" and then pop down to Gallery 5. The first person to visit The AC's tonight and mention to me that you read this blog today gets a ticket to see "Dancing in the Vineyard" this Sunday at 3:00pm- for details go read my article about the event at

Big thanks to Dave T.
Mary B.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mary! How cool!

I'm so glad that the theatre community has both of you on our side!