Monday, October 29, 2007

"Urinetown" : Getting Better With Age

What a fabulous show Satruday night!!! Yes- the Sox were great but I am so glad I was in Colonial Heights rather than Colorado because "Urinetown" was even better the second time around! Yes, people, I loved this production of this show so much I went to see it again-(and happily paid for my ticket) what better endorsement is that? This show is FLAWLESS. The cast is all fantastic, every single member of the cast that is- there are no slackers here. And Although Angie is just as perfect as Hope as she was the first time I saw it some other performances (eventhough excellent closer to opening) have, like a fine wine, gotten better with time. Mike and Deborah are both over the top fabulous and that cute guy who plays Bobby Strong is even better too (I don't know what I did with my program and am horrible with names- please forgive me).
The short of it is: There are only four more days to catch this gem of a show. Theater does not get better than this anywhere gang so pick up those cell phones and pound out those emails. Treat yourselves and everyone you know to some fun, fresh, fantastic theater and make the treck out to Swift Creek to see Urinetown.

See you at the theater,
Mary "does-anyone-else-need-an-insuline-shot-but-I-do-truly-lovelovelove-this-show" Burruss


Anonymous said...

The cute guy who plays Bobby Strong is Brett Ambler.

Robinitaface said...

Not to take away from his dreamy looks - he's quite talented as well.

Anonymous said...


Angelika HausFrauSki said...


Oh, God, it's only been done for a few hours and I miss it already...

Thanks for all the support, Mary. I'm glad you had as much fun watching it as we had doing it. :)