Monday, October 15, 2007

A Day Late

The typical distractions of life caused me to miss this little news item about the musical “Legally Blonde” appearing on MTV. It’s too bad since my daughters are fans of the movie(s) and would probably be interested in the stage version (and if I Tivo-ed it, maybe they would watch something besides ‘High School Musical II’ for the 8th time…).

Trawling through the MTV website, I found that it’s going to be re-broadcast on Friday at 11am (and probably other times as well but there’s only but so much trawling I can do…) I’ll have my Tivo set; if you’re not doing anything before lunch on Friday (and particularly if the rain that is forecasted rolls in – HA!), you might check it out as well.

Previews of the broadcast are available on the MTV website. Like, totally cool!

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Anonymous said...

I'll probably be one of the few nay-sayers on the topic, but I have to say that I watched the show last night, and did my best to keep an open mind. I just cannot understand what all the hype is about. I thought the show - while very well constructed, was more or less boring, and highly unmemorable.

My biggest issue came with the music. With the exception of the opening musical number, I found just about every song boring, dreadful, and un-tuneful. There were barely any songs you could/would leave the theatre remembering. And the contrast of styles - one minute, it's a pop-oriented score, and the next, there's recetetive, and more "traditional" sounding musical theater fare. You're either an entire pop score, or you're not, and I found the mixture of the two interrupted the flow of the show completely.

As for the performances, I found everyone so-so. Kate Shindle had the strongest voice in the entire cast, and was underused, singing-wise.

Commercials should have been cut. PERIOD.

And let's be honest - MTV MUST have edited in all the cheering and clapping at random points - it's absolutely ridiculous. And, if there really was all that cheering and clapping at the most random moments, I wouldn't want to go and sit in the theater with that going on - again, it interrupts the flow and feel of the show, and frankly is a bit immature. Applause and cheers should follow a musical number - not when a dog runs out on stage, or a hot guy turns and walks away sashaying his booty. I'm sure when John Raitt came out on stage in "Carousel" many years ago, he was not greeted with entrance applause, or hoots and hollers during "Soliloquy."

Having said all this, I applaud MTV for having filmed it very well, and introducing a younger generation to Broadway, and showing that live theater (even when taped) can be "hip". Hopefully it will get people to New York to see the live show, and other shows as well.

Just my two cents. You may completely enjoy it, Dave, and I hope you do. Would be curious to know if anyone else agrees with me.