Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Hey all you theater lovers out there. Thanks for all of your support over the last few days. The Art Cheerleaders have gotten some great press - Sat. RTD and Mon. Commonwealth Times- and many congratulatory emails. We couldn't have done the bakesale without the help of Gallery 5, Jessica Fullbright and ZMullins Dance Company- you guys ROCK!
I do want to say that while the ACs were camped out in front of Gallery 5 on Friday night we saw some really strange theater on the balcony of the gallery. Call me an intellectual midget but I totally did not "get" what this theater company was trying to convey or the manner in which they were trying to convey it. There were some interesting puppets involved- a hippo type king of something and some cool fish headed creatures that milled out into the crowd but that, sadly, is where the cool part ended. I admit I did not see the entire performance and could not hear a word they were saying through a very poor sound system but it simply came off as a bunch of college kids who decided to put on some type of performance and call it theater. Good for them and their gumption but too bad for those of us who would like to see the professional level of theater rise in this town.

Ok- now I've got out- A special thanks to Jerry (TV Jerry) Williams for putting information about Animator, Bill Plympton coming to town on Nov. 9. details later.

I will be reviewing Richard II at Richmond Shakespeare this week so look for the upcoming review in STYLE.

See you at the theater!
Mary Burruss

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Such a cool play.

Kudos to RST for taking that one on!