Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Awesome Responses!!

The responses to my previous blog have been fantastic! Fantastic in the sense that I have learned so much about becoming a better writer and critic from the comments. Fantastic in the sense that -thanks to Dave's thoughtfulness- that such a wonderful discussion has ensued. It is wonderful to get the kind of feedback and intelligent input that you all have provided. It never occurred to me that anyone would ever read a review of anything and not know it was only the writer's opinion. It is truly helpful to hear that it is important to readers that the critic state that it is an opinion. I loved the comments from Joe Pabst about his favorite critic and how she stated at the end of each review that these were her opinions and encouraged people to see the show and make their own judgement. I will try this and see if the editors let it fly.

I do appologise if my blog sounded "preachy". That was not my intention. I do mean to say that in my opinion the yelling thing is a common problem and please think about it when you are building scenes and characters. It is a common problem not only in Richmond but everywhere. My intention was to offer some food for thought and so it has.

Now on to other stuff:
Congratulations to Billy Christopher Maupin and the success of 365! I am sorry I could not be there but I sent you good vibes anyway.

Can't wait to see "Lessons Before Dying" this Friday- look for a review in STYLE, "Urinetown" again this Saturday - it was so good the first time I am going to see it again and bring friends. Also look for my review of "Richard II" this Wed.

And YEAAAH! REDSOX!!! Something else to be happy about!

All the best,

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Frank Creasy said...

Mary, I've gotten behind on the postings of late, but just one final comment (from me anyway) about critical opinions being considered factual versus one person's perspective: While I think this is well known in theatre circles, I personally have met Average Audience Member who has said "I didn't see that show...it got a bad review so it must have been no good." Sadly this is not uncommon, even if it's not the prevailing thinking!

But critical commentary is necessary and helpful in moving the arts forward. You and Dave and peers do a difficult job very well, and you're to be commended for taking on something so challenging.