Thursday, May 01, 2008

This weekend

After last weekend’s openings, things are relatively quiet this weekend. Cousin Sheckie will be doing a couple of shows at ComedySportz providing a good opportunity for people who have never seen a long-form improv piece (people like me!)

If it’s rainy like last weekend (and our pals at are calling for rain on Sunday), it might be an opportunity to curl up with a good book. Some options that have caught my attention lately are Germaine Greer’s “Shakespeare’s Wife” which has been getting good reviews and may be intriguing to you Bard-o-philes. Those who prefer the contemporary musicals may like the Complete Book and Lyrics for "Rent" that were just published last month. It may be “all Pan, all the time” for the T-line clan but I’m also intrigued by Henley Street’s children's production, “The O.T.” that’ll be playing this weekend. Great concept and I know some of the kids in the production and they’re good. Might have to sneak that one in between fly calls…

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Frank Creasy said...

Hey Dave - while I didn't get to actually SEE the Henley opening of "Our Town" youth production, I snuck in a quick peek on my way into rehearsal for "Seagull" and it was well attended. Looked like the audience was really enjoying it!

Kudos to the young talents involved, hope tonight and tomorrow's closing performances do well. Very important for us to nurture children's theatre all around the country, we'll have a better generation for our future by nurturing imagination, creativity and appreciation of the arts.