Monday, May 12, 2008


Both my wife and I were approached this past weekend by different people talking about how great Cooper's performance was in "Peter Pan," particularly since he was only 4 years old. We certainly appreciate the flattery on his behalf but, as it says in his program bio, he will be finishing up First Grade in a few weeks and, as precocious as the little bugger is, he's not THAT precocious. The boy's 7 years old or, in the exacting spirit of a kid that age, 7 and three quarters. His next eldest costar -- Connor Wilkerson, youngest of the Lost Boys -- recently turned 9. So if you happen to catch any of the closing weekend performances coming up, be sure and wish him a belated Happy Birthday!

Mrs. Haubenstock and I were among the 12 or 13 or so folks catching "The Seagull" at Henley Street on Saturday. You can read her very positive impressions here; mine will still be a few days in coming. There is much I could say about the production but I'll keep it to my favorite part right now: Kerry McGee as Masha. Dark, brooding, depressed, a bit heartless, and suffering desperately from unrequited love -- Ms. McGee does them all well. And looks smashing in black. More later!

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