Friday, May 23, 2008

Stage Fright

Work has been a pain for me this past week and it occurred to me this morning that what I’ve been feeling every morning is very much like a combination of stage fright and performance anxiety (are they different? not sure). I’ve been hosting a new-to-the-company out-of-town bigwig, am engaged in a new project with him and so have felt “on-stage” much of the last week. Every day I’ve felt I’ve had to prove I’m up to snuff and/or when not able to prove it outright, at least act like it. It’s tiring. Don’t you folks who do this for a living get exhausted?

But today, the weight of the world has lifted, my coworker has gone back to California, and the deck is cleared for a nice long holiday weekend. I kicked it off last night attending “The Two Svengalis” at Triangle Players and I’ll be taking in “A Touch of Rosemary” this weekend at the Mill. Ms. H at the T-D has weighed in on “Svengalis” already but I expect there weren’t enough nights in the week for her to make it out to “Rosemary,” given that she had to take in “Putnam County Spelling Bee” on Tuesday.

I have been able to escape at least briefly into the world of theater during the week, listening to podcasts at the gym. This past week, this allowed me to catch up a couple of Richmond expatriots who were both featured on recent podcasts at One was Chris Harcum whose “American Badass” was at the FRIGID festival back in February and also Clay McLeod Chapman, who read one of his pieces on a recent podcast. There is success possible for Richmonders who leave home!

Speaking of which, I was saddened to hear that Angela Shipley is in the planning stages for a move up to NYC. That, plus Gray Crenshaw’s recent graduation from high school, means that New York City will be gaining two more beautiful, talented performers from Richmond in the near future. It just hardly seems fair. At least both of them will be in town a couple more months and we’ll be able to catch Angie in the “Sex Education” show at Studio X on June 28th. It’s small consolation, though.

I hope folks will also make some room in the weekend after this one for the Richmond Improv Festival at ComedySportz. Eight shows over 3 days – surely you can make it to one of them.

Finally, I hear another beautiful and talented local actress (who better NOT be leaving for NYC anytime soon!) will be turning the big 4-0 soon. Happy day, JB, and rest assured moving into our neighborhood (where the average age is about 72) should keep you feeling young and spry for at least another decade!


Angelika HausFrauSki said...

It is exhausting to be "on" all the's why I have virtually no social life. :)

And honey, there's nothing small about the consolation you'll get if you come to see the MBB show at Studio X!! :D

Thespis' Little Helper said...

Not at all related, but felt the need to say "Go see some shows!"

Saw The Seagull at Henley Street on Friday (affirms my previous comment about Mr. Ryan). Shows some incredible growth of a company! Henley is sure to become one of the big players in Richmond theatre if they keep going on this trajectory! Check it out! Then you can say "I saw them when!!!"

Saw The Two Svengalis at RTP on Saturday. Had a great time. Affirms my love of Nancy McMahon! And Kirk Morton was the finest I've seen him! Kudos!

Saw Greater Tuna today (yeah, I know...I really need to get a hobby outside of the theatre, but I can't help myself). Go see it! I laughed so hard so many times! Two incredibly wonderful people doing some fantastic work with three INCREDIBLE dressers (they really are) and a FANTASTIC stage manager (gotta give the shout out to the Jacquie O!). It's really a laugh riot!

Also excited about Reefer Madness opening at the Firehouse on Thursday. Really great feature in the RTD about it today.

Go see some theatre!!!! (And have a beautiful Memorial Day)

Anonymous said...

And while you're out seeing theatre, if I may shamelessly plug my own show, come see Veronica's Room at CAT! It's quite an edgy, adult thriller and a bit of a departure for CAT. It'll be interesting to see how CAT's loyal audience responds (it's CAT's first ever "adult language and content" disclaimer, if memory serves! -- although a couple other shows certainly would have merited one : ))!! And Veronica's Room features performances that will knock you out by Scott Melton, Rebecca Muhleman (soon to be seen in Richard III!!), Jonathan Hardison, and Tony Cacioppo. Opens May 28 and runs thru June 14.

AND I saw Once Upon a Mattress at Swift Creek this weekend. If you haven't seen it yet, treat yourself. Funny, sweet, charming, lovely voices, and some fantastic performances! Not sure when it runs til, but I think it's closing in June sometime.


Joy W. said...

I first stumbled across Veronica's Room in college. In fact, used a number of Veronica's monologues. It's a really neat script. Looking forward to seeing it done in Richmond.

Thanks for the MATTRESS plug. It closes Junee 14.

Thespis' Little Helper said...

So that's the third time I've heard or read that I should check out Veronica's Room in two days! I think that means I have to go!

Also (and I know this hearkens back to the "love fest" thing from way back, but I must!): I heart Amy Berlin. Granted, I've only met her a few times (maybe just two), the first of which pretty recently when we were both judging one of the high school one-act competitions...but yeah. She's great.

I'm there!

Dave T said...

I'll be forced to miss the MBB show because of my godson's 13th birthday. I was thinking about trying to convince his parents that a burlesque show would be the perfect thing for this transitory birthday but I don't think they'll go for it. Any other MBB shows on the horizon?

I overheard Scott talking this past weekend about how twisted Veronica's Room is. I hope the CAT crowd embraces VR; y'all break a leg tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are sweet! Thanks so much for the support -- we're excited!


(I had a blogger identity, but now I've forgotten my password -- bleh)

Jacquie O. said...

Thanks BC! Easy gig...I honestly have the best cast and crew EVER!!! I wish it was selling more, but I have a feeling that it is not about the show but about the gas prices. When we opened the show the price was $3.00 a gallon and now we are almost at $4.00. And it is quite the drive out there. And of course when this happens the first thing people cut back on is entertainment. Sigh…

Thespis' Little Helper said...

From what I can tell, it's definitely not just Tuna. I don't wanna speak for any theatre specifically, but I haven't been sitting in a full house when I went to see a show in Richmond in months! Probably a lot of things, ESPECIALLY the gas prices.

But it's looking like there are some really really really exciting seasons coming up next year for EVERYONE, so maybe that'll bring 'em out in droves...or people will start to carpool more...or both. Here's hopin'!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Muhleman is on her way to becoming one of the top actresses in Richmond. She has great comedic, dramatic, and singing/dancing range. See her now in Veronica's Room and say you saw her before she became famous.

JB said...

Thanks for the shout out Dave, I am enjoying the first few days of my early 40's in sunny Maimi and just got near a computer to check in on things. I just wanted to say that I LOVE the play Veronica's Room and I am psyched to see it as well as catching one of my favorite actors, Scott Melton, on stage again. Break-a-leg to the entire cast.