Monday, May 19, 2008

Thanks, Ya'll

A week or so ago Dave gave notice of my leaving this blog as "a partner in crime" of sorts. As usual, when there is something I really do not want to do (often a "goodbye"), I procrastinated posting one last time.

Let it be said that I completely agree with Dave about my "leaving" the blog and commend him for his reasons. This blog should reflect the spirit of its origination-a fun way to discuss the issues of, commend the people of and express opinions about Richmond Theatre without outside restrictions of any sort. I am all about freedom of expression. It is my wish for Dave to be as unencumbered with his views as he wishes, when he wishes and how he wishes. I "get" that my presence on this blog can cause confusion as to the relationship of the blog and the magazine that Dave and I both write for- so I am happy to step aside in the name of simplification. Dave has never edited anything I had to say on this blog but I am sure has sometimes caught some flack for my comments regardless of his feelings on the topic. To his credit, he has always been encouraging and supportive even in the midst of firestorms.

When Dave first invited me to join him in posting on this blog I felt very honored by his notice and flattered that he thought I might add something. I have learned so much about the theatre community here by reading the posts and responses. Though I am pretty lame about being "in" on current discussions I have obliged you and at least learned how to use the spell check (as suggested in my first post, I think). When I started, I also said that I would do what I could to support Richmond theatre. That still stands. It is my sincere hope that by contributing to this blog that my commitment to that mission has been confirmed. That even though you, gentle reader, might not have agreed with me, that you have at least been inspired to start conversations.

Leaving the blog comes at a good time. My husband is off building scenery for Holland America Cruise Line for a few months and I am acting as a single parent thus suffering from parental overload and exhaustion. The Gluten Free Cookbook I am co-writing with Personal Chef, Michele Humlan of The Good Eats Company, is demanding my focus as we shop for a literary agent. It is also time again to apply for the Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Program. I will be traveling a little this summer- so my time is even more limited than usual and I would not be much of a contributor anyway. But I promise to check in on the chats and add my two cents from time to time.

Being a part of this blog has been oodles of fun! Thank you Richmond theatre community for all of your criticisms, thoughts, suggestions, compliments and support. Thank you Dave for having me as part of your blog (for the record- I have always considered this "Dave's blog"). Maybe, when I get my technical act together, I will create my own blog but it won't be any time soon- unless of course I have something to say....

Keep chatting everyone. You can't make enough noise about theatre in this town!

Mary B.

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Dave T said...

Well said, Mary, and thanks again for enlivening the conversation here! See you at the next opening!