Friday, May 16, 2008

More Idol thoughts

Work's been kicking my butt this week so haven't had much time to post. But felt I had to pass along this little tidbit: the news that Taylor Hicks is going to be showing up in "Grease." Not to be mean-spirited or anything but I couldn't imagine a piece of theater-related news interesting me less: a performer I don't really care for showing up in a production I'm not really interested in. And yet, the Internets are abuzz with the news! Personally, I'll be more intrigued by whether Syesha Mercado (the recently voted out #3 of this season) ends up in a show sometime soon. Should they start calling Broadway "Idol East?"

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Anonymous said...

Come on, Dave, it's time to give us your promised thoughts on "The Seagull." I saw it Saturday night, and though I was disappointed before the show to learn that the understudies for Kerry McGee and Suzanne Ankrum would perform, it hardly mattered. Bonnie Gabel and Sandra Dail were solid. It was a great show with an exceptional performance by Dean Knight.