Monday, July 10, 2006

We’re all in this together

New links! A few weeks ago I had heard about this exciting new project Bridget Gethins has been working on that brings together creative women in the Richmond community. The group is working toward doing some staged readings of Ibsen plays in the Fall. It sounds like it’s still developing into whatever it’s going to be but it’s got a lot of great people involved already so I look forward to hearing more about it. In the meantime, here’s a link to their blog.

I’ve also added a permanent link to Bridget’s group over in a new section on the left here called “We’re All In This Together” (sorry, I’ve got “High School Musical” on the brain…) I’ve added links to TVJerry’s site since Jerry’s site has been the go-to place for production information in town since its inception. You’ll also see Liz Marks Casting’s site listed because, well, Liz gets people work and is great at her job. And we all love getting work, now don’t we?

Finally, the lovely and talented Jackie Jones has a site of her own up and it’s a winner. I’ve already had a great time listening to the accents she’s used in her voice-over work. Check it out yourself by clicking here.

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