Monday, July 24, 2006

VR Gone Wild!

You may have received an email from John Porter that talks about an interesting employment opportunity at King’s Dominion. It involves assisting people through an interactive game. Pretty wild stuff. Anyway, if you haven’t received the email, below are key sections from it. If you want copies of the forms listed, you can email me, or John Porter or the Susan Sprout listed.

“We are recruiting actors in your area to work at $11-13/hr with very flexible scheduling that allows for other productions and life commitments.

The position description is two-fold: (1) leading a small group of theater participants through a highly interactive game via immersive glasses (2) wireless mic work in front of the theater. Typically an actor will switch positions each hour or as necessary in an (approx) 6-8 hour shift. Please see the attached pdf file for further information regarding the opportunity.

Upon review of the information, the interested parties should contact me and I will conduct a telephone interview to learn more about the prospective hire, review the position requirements, learn about their availability for hours and transportation. I will then schedule each party for an appointment only audition that runs approximately 15 minutes. If the auditioner is successful, then they will receive training materials and instructions as well as a training tape and an opportunity to sign-up for training for the next 3 days (pending availability).

Here is a list of the attachments you should have:
Performer Information
Conflict Worksheet
Audition Read Sheet
KD's Phone Interview

Best regards,
Susan M. Sprout”

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