Monday, July 17, 2006

Kate Kilgore

Update (07/18): The gathering at Mary Schroll's house to celebrate Kate's life will start at 4pm on Saturday. The service at the church will be a small one for Kate's relatives. Friends are encouraged to come to Mary's. Her phone number is 321-6300.

The following information was forwarded on to me by Jackie Jones concerning the death of Kate Kilgore, who has died just 6 months after her father, Barksdale Theatre co-founder Pete Kilgore, died.

It was confirmed that Kate suffered a massive heart-attack. The family is having a private memorial service on Saturday, July 22, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Hanover. Kevin, her brother, is scheduling the time of day for her memorial service. Immediately following the service, family and friends are invited to 3412 Noble Avenue, Richmond (the home of Mary Schroll) for a casual gathering to celebrate Kate's life.

Of special concern is finding a good home for Kate's two female kitties, Moe and Tiger Lilly, who are both 10 years of age and very, very sweet indoor cats. If you may know of someone who is looking for wonderful companions, please contact Mary Schroll.

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