Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sure, let someone else cover the naked girls

I’m not the only guy who writes about theater for Style. Brandon Reynolds got to write the article about Petersburg’s Nouvelle Burlesque in this week’s edition. I’m not envious though. Why would I be interested in talking to and watching half-naked women cavort about the stage? Heck no, not me.

While I’m talking about Style, the cover story in this issue is very interesting, required reading for anyone who cares about media coverage in Richmond. I’m not one of those people who is disgusted with everything the Times-Dispatch does or stands for or anything. But I think monopolies are generally dangerous things and the TD has a monopoly on daily news coverage in Richmond. I’m glad we have Style as an alternative but the resources it has are miniscule in comparison. That people at the TD somehow think they are above talking to other media outlets – or in some cases are afraid to talk to other media outlets – is a sad commentary on the state of journalism.

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