Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Style hits newsstands early this week (Tuesday instead of Wednesday) and, while I can’t link to the story yet, Mary’s thumbs-up for Richmond Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” is in this week’s issue (update: now I can link to it!). There’s a short blurb on “Greater Tuna” in the Calendar section as well.

Congratulations to Thespis’ Little Helper – more commonly known as BC – for claiming the tickets to the Emily Skinner / Alice Ripley concert Friday night. Drop us a line here at the blog and let us know how the show was, BC.

Theatre IV has posted pictures from the Fairy Tale Ball. While I was not among the attendees, three of the T-lines were and two appear in the pix. Well, shucks, ain’t they adorable?

I am prompted by an email from Brandon Becker who ably choreographed “Once Upon A Mattress” to mention briefly how generous theater folks are in this town. The actors at the FTB were all essentially donating their time (though there were great fringe benefits I’m told!). The folks at Henley Street have organized a benefit preview performance of “The Seagull” on Thurs., May 8th to assist the ailing Liz marks.

And Brandon brought to my attention a benefit for the Appomattox Regional Governor’s School happening on April 26th. This gala will include volunteers performers from Richmond Shakespeare, Firehouse Theatre Project, Richmond Ballet, Barksdale Theatre, Amaranth Dance Company, Starr Foster Dance Company, and more (details here).

These are only three of the dozens of these kinds of benefits that happen each year where Richmond performers donate their time and talent unselfishly. Few Richmond-area performers are rich and yet they are among the most generous people I know.

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Frank Creasy said...

Thanks to Mary for her generous appraisal of As You Like It, because I'm sure she's completely honest - she certainly seems like one to say exactly what she thinks, so it's a much appreciated review. Several weeks ago, before we opened, I was watching a scene being rehearsed by Julia Rigby (Celia) and Sunny Larose (Rosalind), when I turned to Pat Bromley and said "they'll steal the show, you know". Mary agrees, rightfully so.

I'm also in rehearsal for The Seagull and looking forward to our benefit for Liz Marks. She's a wonderful lady, a wonderful talent and she's gotten me a few gigs (probably could have gotten me more if I had been more available in the daytime hours). It's something we are VERY glad to do and is no real sacrifice on our part for such a wonderful lady.