Monday, April 07, 2008

Run and Fun

On Saturday, twenty-four thousand pals of mine and I ran up and down Monument Ave for a while. Wow – what an amazing turnout! What was truly impressive to me was how well-organized everything was. Starting with information packet pickup and ending with the distribution of food at the end of the race, things just ran like clockwork. I ran pretty well, too, my 50 minutes exactly time beating my expectations by a good 3 minutes or so. It’s not as impressive as Scott Wichmann’s recent feat but, hey, I’ll take it.

And speaking of well-organized, I dropped my son off at the Fairy Tale Ball at Theatre IV later on Saturday and man, talk about another well-organized event. Food and fun stuff was everywhere and, by all accounts I heard, a grand time was had by all.

I couldn’t make it to the Ball itself, as I had a date with a princess, a pea and 20 mattresses down at Swift Creek Mill. It was certainly a fun show but, until I gather my thoughts together more coherently, you’ll have to be content with Ms. Haubenstock’s review. It sounds like she had fun, too!


Jacquie O. said...

Hey Dave! Congrats on your 50min time! I ran it again this year with Dawn Westbrook. I was a bit disappointed in myself, but I finished. Last year I did it in 1.08, this year 1.20. It was poring rain and I had not really trained well this year. By mile 4 my feet were soaked and blistered. Of course 10 mins after we finished the sun came out...go figure! I am in awe of Scott and Joy Williams!

Joy W. said...

Hey Dave!
Joy Williams, here!
If you're ever looking for a REALLY fun run, check out the 1/2 marathon at Virginia Beach on Labor Day weekend. It coincides with the rock and roll music festival. It's tremendous fun. This will be my 5th year of doing it. That's how we close our summer every year. The kids love the motel we stay at. It's close to the finish line and the pool is about 6 steps from the boardwalk, so they get to easily see Mom approach the finish line.

Dave T said...

Hi Jacquie -- sorry I didn't see you at the 10K. It was a pretty drippy day -- good work making it through in that weather! I'm in awe of Joy and Scott, too, and also aware that my old rickety bones might never make it 26 miles in one stretch...

Hi Joy! Holly has done the VA Beach run before, maybe twice. My memory is that it can be hot as heck -- not my favorite thing! I'm thinking about a couple more 10Ks this summer and maybe the Richmond 1/2 marathon in the fall. Last time I starting running races I blew my knee out so I'm taking it slowly this time. Eric told me you were done with full marathons... does that mean you're looking to trade up to Ultra-Marathons like Scott?!?!

blogva said...

Congrats to all of you who ran this year! My daughter ran in the First Market Mile Kids Run and that was the day for me. I am very proud of her.

I did not run the 10K because I ripped my calf muscle at the end of taping the opening for Slash Coleman's PBS special which was taped the previous weekend. That and -I do not run.

You guys are amazing!

Joy W. said...

Hey Dave!

It is hot for the 1/2 at the beach, but it's so much fun! Especially the place we stay. They have a "family happy hour" every day from 3-4. It's free, all you can eat snow cones one day, then popcorn and lemonade the next day, and on race day it's Sundae's for Sunday. Toppings like you've never seen! The kids love it.
I've done 3 full marathons....I had a blast the first one...truly one of the best days of my life. The second one wasn't so great, but the last one, this year, was teriffic. It just takes SO much training...and that's been getting in the way of my real life. Anyway, I'm not saying never again, but am putting 26.2 on hold for awhile. I've already signed up for the 1/2 marathon in November instead of the full. Hope to see you there!!

Jacquie O. said...

The VA beach 1/2 marathon sounds fun! And I want to stay in that hotel with the ice-cream, snow cones and popcorn (can I borrow one of your kids so I don't look like a free loader!)

Maybe I will see you guys there!