Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An actor thing

So opening night of “Little Dog Laughed” and something is going on with Susan Sanford’s voice. Either she has laryngitis or a cold or something. But I don’t hardly notice until my lovely wife points it out to me after the show. And being an actress herself and sensitive to that kind of thing, she expresses her admiration for Susan. “Did you hear how she was trying to find the place in her voice where she could project from?” she asks. I suddenly feel kind of stupid. “Um, no not really.”

But I do remember that moment early in this season of “American Idol” when ACTRESS Syesha Mercado is all freaking out because she is losing her voice and it’s “Hollywood week” where they’re merciless and she’s sure she’s going to get cut but then, laryngitis or no, she belts out some amazing song during her last performance and sails through into the final 12.

So I am reminded how real professionals learn to utilize their instrument, manage its performance to get the best results. And, after her brilliant performance, laryngitis notwithstanding, Susan Sanford becomes my new “American Idol.”

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