Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How Theater Failed America

Not that long ago, my old pal Rick St. Peter posted an article (you have to scroll down a bit) by monologist Mike Daisey subtitled “How Theatre Failed America” that led to a fair amount of discussion on this here blog (and BTW, no I don’t get a kick-back from Rick every time I mention him in this space. Though it’s a good idea. Whattaya say, Rick?)

Anyway, Daisey has turned the article into a monologue that he is currently performing in New York. The piece seems to have been generally well-received and perhaps there will be even more discussion – of the wide-ranging, national kind – like there was on this blog. It may not rival the national conversation we are reportedly having on race currently (right?) but it could be interesting nonetheless. I guess we’ll see.

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