Tuesday, April 01, 2008

HBO (How 'Bout Our) Ford

The lovely Ms. Harris-Jones, via her blog, alerted me to Mr. Ford Flanagan's recent appearance in HBO's "John Adams." Unfortunately, I don't have HBO so I didn't see it but now I'll have to be sure and check it out when it comes to DVD. Oh sure, I was a little envious that he was sharing near-kisses with the wonderful Christine Schneider every night in rehearsal for 'Peter Pan' -- but now I learn he might have actually met and conversed with Laura Linney?!? I am thoroughly green now.


Frank Creasy said...

Well Dave, I've not spoken to Ford recently (last I saw him, he was trying on spiffy new shoes at the DSW around the holidays...we exchanged pleasantries and that was about it)...but I am pretty darn sure he must have conversed with Laura Linney. Playing the country doctor who "inoculates" her and her children with fresh pus from a smallpox victim, I HAVE to believe they spoke to one another.

Ford shows himself as the seasoned pro he is in "John Adams". Laura Linney is beautiful, sexy, vulnerable, strong, compelling - and words I can't even think of right now - as Abigail Adams. Paul Giamatti is magnificent, and David Morse as Washington turns in the performance of his career. One of the most powerfully understated yet sublime performances I've seen in a long, long time.

A stunning, brilliant production. THIS is why we SHOULD watch television.

Andrew Hamm said...

Ford was wonderful. I was too squeamish to watch his scenes closely, but he was great.

Many, many local actors (including my wife and myself) had very nice screen time as featured extras in Sunday night's episode four, as well. All that extra makeup time (because they placed me right next to Adams and Washington in the inauguration scene) was certainly worth it.