Saturday, April 26, 2008

Big Weekend

It has been another big theater weekend in Richmond as the Firehouse opened their Theatre Cabaret show of 4 short pieces under the direction of Scott Wichmann (does that man ever stop working?), HATTheatre opened "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" starring several great folks including the lovely Janine Serresseque whose blog I love, and last but not least for me and my family, "Peter Pan" at Theatre IV. So tire yourself out during these beautiful days but then see a nice, relaxing show at night! Sound like a plan?

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Thespis' Little Helper said...

I saw Why Do Fools Fall In Love? on Friday! Woohoo! FANTASTIC voices! I tell Janine practically every time I hear her sing how much I LOVE her voice. Casey is very funny. Chloe Williams voice...mmm...yeah...makes me happy...unique it...a lot...and Georgia Rogers Farmer as the "main character" (perfectly cast) was FANTASTIC!!!

They sound fantastic! (But sit close to the front as the accompaniment tends to cover the voices if you sit in the back.)

If you're into 60's music sung by fantastic singer/actors, definitely check it out!

Saw Say You Love Satan last night. Very funny.

At Shafer St., The Conciliation Project has "The P.I.C.: The Prison Industrial Complex" tonight and tomorrow at 8PM, which looks incredibly interesting. They have a very creative style of presentation. Haven't seen it yet, but these people are very passionate about their stuff, so check it out!