Tuesday, January 08, 2008

.Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind at Woolly

Just a quick blurb this morning to get this information out: "Too Much Light Makes the Baby go Blind" is at Woolly Mammoth this week in DC. If anyone is interested in a road trip let me know.

Was watching TV the other night- rare at my house- and saw a commercial for Barksdale. A very nicely produced, beautiful commercial for Barksdale. Is this a new thing or have I just missed it because I do not watch much television? Way to go Bruce and Phil! I adore anything that promotes theater around here, especially when it is so pretty. A very smart idea, marketing wise, to go after the folks who are not already in the theater loop aka a typical television audience- and prime time too!

Hope to see lots of you at State of the Theatre Coffee and Conversation.

And for you geography geeks: I could be wrong but according to my sources Baltimore has a population of 1.4 million and Greater Richmond of 1.2 million (Hanover and Petersburg must be included because of Hanover Tavern and Sycamore Rouge). And anyway Baltimore has 76 area theaters and theater companies compared to Richmond's
22. So even if my population stats are wrong, and Baltimore is twice as big as I think, Baltimore still has more than twice the number of active theaters and companies. Funding is part of it - read upcoming article in STYLE for more information.

Peace. Mary


Sara Marsden said...

Mary - Thanks for your nice comments about the Barksdale commercial. It's been on the air since November, but you will likely see it more this month since air time is cheaper in January.

NBC 12's Joel Traylor, who also produced the recent spot that Jen and Joe are seen in, produced this commercial for us. He is simply brilliant. He, Catherine Dudley and I (I'm the Director of Marketing for Barksdale and Theatre IV) worked for many months before we began filming to work on exactly what we wanted to say about Barksdale and about the art form. Joel was just amazing to work with through the planning and filming processes which literally lasted 8 months.

We really felt that much of the public views theatre as stuffy and boring, whereas we see it as vibrant and organic. We tried to create a commercial that communicated our excitement about theatre.

Side note: Joe Pabst and Billy Christopher Maupin really need to do some sort of comedy together. Catherine, the NBC folks and I were all in tears during the filming of their 2 seconds of the commercial (which took half an hour to film).

catherine said...

i have to second the comment about Joel and the NBC crew being so fantastic! it was a very long process (although fun!) and to see it come together so beautifully was a thrill! for anyone that may have missed it- here's the link- PLEASE check it out! (also keep in mind that the show information at the end is different since we originally posted it) ENJOY!

joni mitchell said...

Caufeee wit Mary....how outrageous?!? Who knew. The Barksdale has been running ads for years--some better and some not so good. In is heyday TV ran ads too. What the RVA really needs is a theatre that will take a chance on some creative stuff but not be in a neighborhood or area where folks are afraid to journey. Perhaps someone needs to turn the old Westhampton Market into a theatre....