Thursday, January 10, 2008


I caught Final Jeopardy at the gym today, which grabbed my attention because the category was “American Theatre History.” This was the answer: “This 1943 musical was based on a 1931 play that starred Tex Ritter as a cowboy and Lee Strasberg as a peddler.” Do you know the question?

I admit that I guessed but still I got it right. The correct question begs two more questions: “What was the name of the play?” and “What was Tex’s real first name?”

And if you really like trivia, here’s a doozy of a question: “You might think Tex’s son’s second wife is related to a relatively well-known theater composer whose most famous show played in Richmond during the summer of 2006. But she isn’t! Why might you think the two are related but how can you tell they aren’t?”

The first correct answer to all four of the queries posed above (or correct question, as the case may be) gets a prize. Honest! Start Googling…


Ashbrook said...

1) What is Oklahoma!?
2) The play was Green Grow The Lilacs.
3) Tex's real first name was Maurice.
4) You might think that John Ritter's second wife, Amy Yasbeck is related to the composer of The Full Monty, which Barksdale produced, but that's David Yazbek. Their names are similar, but spelled differently.

Dave T said...

Wow -- that was quick. The funny thing is that I would have gotten the third one wrong. I was going by the credits of "Green Grow the Lilacs" where he is listed as "Woodward Ritter" -- Woodward being his middle name. Congrats, Ashbrook!

Unknown said...

ja ja ja You make fun of the show. In germany not so popular but I denken sie we are all so brilliant und intelligent. WHat is the question to this antwort?

what is big, überladen, precipitous and obnoxious?

ja ja ja you got it. The Art Cheerleadern. Smoke that you hexe Mary Burruss