Thursday, January 17, 2008

Go Henley Street!

Best regards to the folks at Henley Street who have been extremely gracious in the face of a review that was not exactly positive. The comments from Frank and Alex and other communication I have received from folks with the company show a refreshing level of commitment, maturity and (dare I say) honor. My hat's off to all of you. And the last line in the review is sincere -- you all are clearly ambitious and I'll be looking forward to watching your continued progression.


Unknown said...

As an avid theatre fan, I would love to see Henley succeed. Why they would chose such a complex set and story line is beyond me. Perjhaps simpler more intense productions like something by Bertolt Brecht would be a better fit?

Andrew Hamm said...

Mad props to the Henley Street crew for assaying the challenges of Kyd.

In producing Doctor Faustus last year, we became keenly aware of just how much of another level Shakespeare is playing on, and just how hard it is to stage his inferior contemporaries.

Nothing against Marlowe and Kyd, but Shakespeare just may be the greatest artist to ever live, and the things that make his work difficult are challenges that raise the level of the piece, whereas the difficulties in Marlowe, Kyd, Jonson, etc. are more like obstacles to be beaten down.

hoosier steve said...

Marlowe was taken out so early in his life. Compare his work to the early Shakespeare and I believe Kit Marlowe may have been the best of the bunch, had he survived.

But of course he did not, so Will wins out by far.

I will not be able to see the show, as I live 12 away, but bravo to Henley Street for taking on lesser known and less produced works. It has been a few years since I lived in Richmond, but those in the cast that I do know are very talented and wonderful to work with. I wish I could attend.

Keep up the work, these shows should get their shot. God knows there are enough productions of the well known Shakespeare's let some other classics get their due.

Speaking of classics, check out this months American Theatre. The production of Hamlet highlighted in the Production Notebook features several Richmond Ex-pats. Directed by Rick St. Peter, lit by myself, staring Jack Parish and Lara St. Peter. It was a wonderful experience all around.

Thespis' Little Helper said...

It's so great that blogging and commenting allow an outlet for plugging one's own work.

Marketing is a pain and having an avenue through which just to say, "Hey! Check out what I did!" is so fantastic!

Side note:
Brecht: simple???


Perhaps I misunderstood.

I hope to someday tackle Brecht as a director. And hopefully even sooner trust myself as an actor in the hands of a really fantastic director to work on one of his works.

I have to say, I'm also rather baffled at the complexity of Henley's maiden voyage. And also at the lack of contemporary work.

But looking forward to that hopefully broadening next season.

Sad that I have not been able to catch anything they have done thus far in their inaugural season, but hopefully Much Ado...

(fingers crossed)