Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Theatre IV - supporting the community

Just a note to express my appreciation to the folks at Theatre IV who are ordering their copies of Diane Stanley's book, "Rumplestiltskin's Daughter" from Bookpeople small independantly owned local bookstore. The books are for sale at the Empire after the show- which is fabulous as I have previously mentioned. Look for a story about the play in STYLE around the 20th of February.

An aside: the ART CHEERLEADERs will make a special appearance at Richmond Montessori School on Friday February First in support of artist Mo Bennett's first rertospective art exhibit at the school's media center at 499 N. Parham Road. 3:30 to 5:30pm. They will also be wandering around at First Friday Art Walk and celebrating my birthday later that evening. All are welcome to come to the opening and/or come stand me a drink at 27.

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Anonymous said...

Although Haubenstock had some very complimentary words, I think that her own comprehension was not always coherent. The very fact she commented "and there are musical messages like 'If you believe what you think that you see, what you think that you see will come true' and 'All that glitters is not always better.' Huh?" proves she totally missed the point of the entire show. Magic is something that makes you "think" you see things. If you belive strongly enough in the magic, then these things can become real. And, please, she doesn't understand "all that glitters is not always better"?! The very point is that there is more to life than just material wealth! A rather nice message! Like the King before he changed, Haubenstock must prefer a glittery shallow life (think Paris Hilton..) than cherish people and true value in humanity. I think this fun children's musical was a bit too sophisticated for her comprehension!!